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  1. Apply again after One Month aka on 17 February, 2023 Any appeals before said time will be denied immediately
  2. Why should we unban you? You tried to ban-evade after getting banned... You created fake stories about your brother and other xyz excuses
  3. Firstly you are banned for Multi-a counting, secondly you were making your story that my brother is sleeping and all... Playing around when we were asking you, at last when you had nothing to do you started insulting us. Why you created that account?
  4. Its a tempban, don't make appeal again Wait it out and read rules
  5. Fomous doesn't make you immune from punishments, anyway to conclude this... Your history is pretty extensive. If you break rules again there very less chances that you will be unbanned Your 50% networth will be seized and remember this is your last chance of forgiveness.
  6. Will you improve yourself? What if you still do the same thing which you did? ( Like breaking rules and not playing as a good player)
  7. I would like to relocate this Property from Fort Carson To EQ at this location
  8. Name: Alan Townsend Number: 99 Bank account #:4747 Message: Happy birthday Bro!
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