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  1. its sold pakistani get a life and touch grass
  2. Name : Lav Delapo Lv :29 Dc: Angel4Life#8905
  3. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dog want 23M for 9pots come i trade with my sanchez
  4. What is your in-game name? Silverio Lopez Which staff member banned you? Benson Jefferson When did you get banned? 09/01/2022 What is the ban reason? Attempt to trade ig items with irl Personal comment All i want to say is i regret doing all what have i done, and i admit that i was wrong, ---(if i really wanted to breach the rules and stay calm i wouldn't make a discord ticket telling you the story letting you check my account)--- anyway ,thats why am coming today after 2 months or even more to request a chance to play in valrise I believe that every one deserves a chance, it would be cool if you take on consider my clean history in the past few months i'm trying my best to roleplay and stay out of troubles, but in the end we all makes mistakes. and every one deserves a chance to become a better version of himself. All am asking for is a chance to play in valrise once again, trust me, i'll not let you down. (to be handled by benson if possible)
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