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  1. Selling infernus.Starting bid - 15m.
  2. Selling SandKing - Offers startin from 2M
  3. Current offer - Sultan 9.5M - Sandking 3,1
  4. Sultan is not going down 10M and Sandking not going down 3M
  5. Julia Charpentier is a 32-year-old girl. She lived for 19 years in Las Venturas. At the age of 20 she moved to Los Santos, Idlewood to house number 45, where she still lives today. She graduated from biotechnology school and her university in San Fierro, traveling daily from San Fierro to Los Santos. At the age of 22 when she went with the family for a short period of time to Las Venturas she lost both her parents in a giant explosion at their company "Ch Corporation". She resumed her life in Los Santos. At the age of 25 she returned for a vacation to her old villa and she began to discover the truth of the explosion in the giant company and the truth of the death of her parents. In the basement of her house where all the ancestors 'names with death numbers were placed she went to her parents' place. She touched a death number and suddenly a small door opened. She discovered a small underground office and started checking there. Suddenly she discovered over 3-4 passports of to her parents with different names. Checking the whole office she noticed a small box and written above "READ ME". She opened the box and saw a USB there. She took a laptop and inserted USB in it. In a video, her father and mother appeared. They were explaining in the video everything that happened when she was little. Her father and mother had secrets and important files of the biggest drug dealer at the time. They warned Julian. to burn all the documents so that she could live peacefully and without threats. She did not listen and kept the documents for all these years. She had a large fortune pending, but she did not sign to take the inheritance until she discovered the truth of her parents. At age 26, she opened a lawsuit against her parents for bringing the perpetrators to justice. After a year of litigation, she won the lawsuit and was awarded $ 2,879,997 in damages. At the age of 27 after she was convinced and found out the truth of her parents she signed up to get her assets worth $ 27,992,652. Her villa in Las Venturas is inhabited only by her servants as she has no courage to return there. At the age of 28-29 she participated in the government with the position of Secretary of State and lived quietly in her villa in Idlewood. At the age of 30-32 and to this day she started in the DP as a Police Officer I and is dedicated there. She continues to live alone in Idlewood and deal with management of its companies.
  6. I'd like to change my interior on my 2 floors house because of the lights that are dark.I'd like to change to 107 or 120.
  7. Nah,maximum im offering it's $9,500,000,more is overpriced.
  8. im buying sultan,prices down.
  9. I'd like to relocate my recent house in idlewood,to this one,because I like the place here.
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