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  1. Vehicle succesfully sold to Lincoln Wakefield. $800,000.
  2. Starting price: $50,000 Buyout: $100,000
  3. Value; $135,000 Buyout: $50,000 It is the corner house opposite Idlewood garage.
  4. Starting price: $50,000 Buyout: $90,000
  5. We travel due the land like backpackers, RS, M5 and the 35, no sleep kick thrue this are hard workers. Don't even know the time or where i am, i am in the south somewhere. Came to the German border of a long time, but then on the other side you have to think straight.
  6. Oscar ''KA'' Thompson KA Description. Oscar grew up in The Netherlands, Amsterdam. His parents are Irish, so Oscar is Irish too. They lived in an apartment in the Bijlmer at South-Amsterdam. Oscar is now 20 years old. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Story. When Oscar became 15 years old he wanted to start working, but he could not find a suitable job. He started doing mischief on the
  7. Type: Senitel. Price: $700,000 current offer.
  8. 3000 HP Senitel. Starting offer: $700,000. Buyout: $1.200.000
  9. Sold for : $650,000 Buyer: Lucas Angelo
  10. Current offer: $600,000 By Hari Gambino
  11. Selling Phoenix as the title says. Starting offer: $600,000 Buyout: $1,000,000 Claim the starting offer as first if possible. Raise $50,000 per offer
  12. Value: $183,500 Buyout: 200k minimun. (Picture's will come later today)
  13. My budget is 2m total. send is val + bo in here mates
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