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  1. Details of the representative of the company Full name: Gilberto Rodriguez Phone number: Residence address: Flint Country Email ((discord tag)): Onur Skenderi#6379 Details of the company Company name: NRSA ( National Road Safety Agency ) Company type: Road Safety Company creation date: 27 JAN 2021 Company's phone number (if it has): None Company's headquarters address: Temple,Gas Station Company's networth: 2m Current number of employees: 10 Why would your company be picked to fulfill this important role?: Because our company is working hard for Los Santos and for the citizens safety by placing barriers and stopping people to drive so fast. Also we had a meeting with the government Mr.Tanzidur and he gave us much money for the work, thanks to him. We are very active and we never gonna let roads of San Andreas to not be secured. What are the estimated funds are you expecting to be provided with: 2m How is the to-be given funds will be used?: Donations to Food Banks, buying more barriers whitch can be used for our work , paycheck for the workers etc... Link to your business' thread: Agreement contract I, Gilberto Rodriguez, representative of the NRSA , swear that I've answered to the questions above with the best of my capacities and without lying or omitting any necessary information for the correct evaluation of my application. I solemnly Swear that I've got no unlawful or evil purposes concerning the safety of the State of San Andreas or the State of San Andreas' Government itself, and that I've not committed perjury within the application above. I agree to be subsequently punished under the law SA-PSC § III.8. Forgery for "Forgery" if found out that I've been lying or omitting necessarily required information within the application above. I agree, that upon being accepted to the State Business Support Fund program, to follow all the State Business Regulations set forth in the State Law and understand that incase of a breach of those regulations to face criminal charges and accept the immediate removal from the program and co-operate with the State and Federal investigation. Signed, Name, Gilberto Date 07/01/2021
  2. Governor: 1. Name: Gilberto 2. Surname: Rodriguez 3. Phone: 70737 4. Residence: Flint County 5. Political Orientation: The Republican Party Vice Governor: 1. Name: Lucifer 2. Surname: Rodriguez 3. Phone: Unknown 4. Residence: El Corona 5. Political Orientation: The Republican Party
  3. He is the best guy at IdleWood
  4. But that group will not come back eaither... So i chosed that place.
  5. Mosque RP, and some CK'ed peoples Graves or some things, good?
  6. Hello , first of all i want this property to be set for RP purposes and getting more RP with religions and stuff. I would want to get medium size yard for this property so i can furnish it and stuff. INTERIOR ID: 115 NAME: Office Small
  7. Yup, tryin to catch ya IG, others too.
  8. You won the GiveAway of Rooms. Give me your IG names to get 2 Rooms For Free.
  9. Hhhahahaha , yup a bit mistake thanks.
  10. All the guys who writed the numbers will get more than 1 cause there wasnt much people writing numbers. All the people will get the rooms in 30th of this month
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