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  1. Lloyd Corporations selling a jester for 3m, Contact me in game or call 0100.
  2. Bump, selling for 2m at least
  3. All i can offer is to trade with a 2Khp patriot
  4. Name: Mia Townsend Phone: 96824 E-mail(Discord): Meaw#6171 Any special info you would like to mention: i'm not very active on this job if you accept me.
  5. Just waiting for patriot offers, And 3khp premier for 1.6m I can trade if you wish the premier+patriot+300k
  6. Got offer of 2.5m for the patriot for now.
  7. 2khp,Plated,Alarm4 Offer please ;3
  8. Offering trade for your patriot with: 3khp premier plated + 2khp patriot plated
  9. Sandking supposed to be 1m and half no?
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