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  1. In-game name - Baga_Venture number - 10
  2. Don't repeat your actions again or you won't be given other chance. You will be unbanned later on today.
  3. You were told to appeal on 1st October. Now extended for 1 more month, Don't apply before 1st November. If you appeal one more time then it will be denied permanently.
  4. As per ban consequences we will remove your 50% networth from your account. And from now on you will be forced on CAC to play here. Follow all the steps given here. And make sure that you don't use any kind of illegal modifications or you won't be given anymore chance.
  5. Avoid making appeals again and again your previous appeal is already being reviewed.
  6. You will be forced on CAC to play. Follow all the steps given here. Unbanned.
  7. -1, if you would have won too you would be kicked in some hours as far as I observed you, You don't deserve to be in governor position.. still let management solve your all problems and doubts
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