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  1. i just saw 1-2 taxi drivers online, and paychecks are low
  2. And if there are no taxi? Or the few ones are still busy?
  3. So people in san fierro or lv have to walk across the map to find a rentable car, and also you will remove thief job i think.. Nobody will do taxo job if you don't increase its paycheck significantly
  4. Good spot @Migello, hope to see your Gym soon
  5. I have seen this guy standing at idlewood pizza stack, ok it is a new and innovative idea but idk if players actually rent bikes and I don't see any real utility. I m not saying he is not humble, kind, etc..., but in my opinion I don't see all this utility. Feel free to argue.
  6. Name: Simone_Montana Most suited time for you in CET: 20:00 -23:00 CET
  7. 33 - Buon Compleanno Athena (Happy Birthday in italian)
  8. Name: Simone_Montana Comment: Republican party should have elected Cabano Martinez. They did not, so they lost
  9. What is your in-game name? Simone_Cesare Which staff member banned you? Nathan_Coleman When did you get banned? 10/18/2020 What is the ban reason? Using job gained items (FD) Personal comment I know that script abuse is not allowed, like it was sapd guns bug abuse that many players used to gain weapons, but in this case you do nothing with the chainsaw; the script doesn't allow you do damage to players, so there would be no sense if someone take it as abuse. I admit i didn't report it to a
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