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  1. bro really tried to roast the almighty Wes by taking about his choosing of 'parts of speech'. Not every server will have 60+ members at start. What else do you expect? They've done a pretty well job, although it was not advertised anywhere, other then the SA:MP Community.
  2. I mean, all the other valrise servers has a panel, why not FiveM? Obviously add or remove features so it would fit with the gametype, maybe add a online version of /mdc onto it.
  3. When a player is knocked, their player color stays the same. It should be turned grey.
  4. Weazel News Company Discord: https://discord.gg/2gfXbpKxuF Application Format Full Name: Past Experience: Job Position: Signature of Applicant: Manager Assistant Manager Director Assistant Director Producer Editor Senior Reporter Reporter Intern Current Available Positions [Under Progress]
  5. I tried using /dep on FD Volunteer duty and I don't see a message output /r works fine for me.
  6. Lets get started with I was a young 13 year old kid that got mad over a 3 day temp-ban which decided to say ("omg i fuilly copys server becuase i get ban") It was my young pettiness. I was stupid enough to copy a 2009 script and call it mine (Shocking! I admit to it.) Over time I obviously matured. I don't have much to say about this other then.. dizzy claiming I was brainwashed. Sometimes being a toxic environment makes you toxic towards a specific thing. I hate to admit it, it sounds harsh especially how much I dedicated my time over there. Of course I don't get a free pass, I'm not a exception at all. Another thing I'll like to add is the fact I would harass LocMax in Open.MP's discord server I'm sure he'll look over this ban appeal at some point, I want to say sorry for a being childish prick and a complete retard over my pettiness. it was extremely immature of me.
  7. 💩

    1. Diego_Poptart


      What a surprise, look who's back.

    2. T O M M Y

      T O M M Y

      copying valrise then begging for a unban, seems like daryl affected on you so bad

  8. What is your in-game name? Diego_Poptart Which staff member banned you? dizzy When did you get banned? 04/02/2021 What is the ban reason? go back to your zoo Personal comment Hey, I talked to dizzy for a while. He unbanned my forum account so I can appeal, he understands where I'm coming from. Long story short, the management from [redacted] did some illegal activities on a minor. (which is something I don't support) I really don't want to say much here on forums, my dms are opened. I know that saying sorry won't cut it, but actions speak louder then words.
  9. What is your in-game name? diego_poptart Which staff member banned you? dizzy? When did you get banned? 05/02/2021 What is the ban reason? promoting use of hacks Personal comment Let me get this straight forward I was talking about a specific hack called "Stealth Remastered" in Spagerolli's discord server, I never went out of my way to say "lets go hack", or something along those lines (reminder, Spagerolli is no longer part of valrise and it's 'high commanding members' are currently banned, which means that Spagerolli's discord server is no longer associated with valrise or any valrise groups) Opinion: I think that this is a false ban as, the message was never intended or said anything about hacking in valrise, I just was talking about the illegal hack.
  10. wow


    almost 1 year since I've started playing SA:MP


    the first ever sa:mp server i've ever joined was mudoo


    On 16 May 2020 I will post a topic to celebrate my 1 year



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    2. Diego_Poptart


      @Randall Great mappings that you've done, also. I think I remember seeing you in /r while I was still a newbie (right before you left), anyways.. thanks man <33


      @T O M M Y ok bro, i no understnad


      @In Memoriam what'd I miss on?

    3. Dylan


      nice status, i should copy that too

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