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  1. Earlier today, Carlos Brook resigned to departure from state of San Andreas to Vice city for new opportunities!
  2. Another unfortunate scene for Sheriff's Detectives! However our detectives work hard day and night to land hammer of justice upon those who cause fear and life loss within the state! @SASD
  3. Bit of desk work today at Our Dilimore Station! @SASD
  4. Carl (Carlos) Brook was born in 1987 at Vice City Washington beach. Carlos grew up in family of 4 along his sister and his parents. He was an joyful kid comparing to others in his age, he was an charmer. Carlos along his family moved to Liberty City later on due to his dad’s new opportunity in an logistic company. Family built their new life in Liberty City, which also began Carlos’s journey after his education from law university of Liberty. Carlos attempted to work in various jobs such as dock worker, miner. However his interest was serving people in a way that also was related to his university subject, therefore he pursued becoming an law enforcement officer. But since no one can control the up coming sudden events of life, Carlos couldn’t make it, and he had no other choice than moving to state of San Andreas. He started to build everything from scratch by working 2-3 jobs per day to keep up with his expenses. How ever, one day randomly he found an article about San Andreas’s Sheriff’s department recruitment. Since Carlos already been working at mine shaft near to the recruitment camp at Fort Carson, he decided to give it a shot. He packed up and headed towards the station where the recruitments were being held. He signed up an job application however he was hopeless. He waited for 7 days, and then he received call from an unknown number, which he found out that he was accepted to join the academy. With all the excitement and all the love he had towards the job, he worked his way up to becoming Deputy Sheriff Bonus I within San Andreas sheriff’s department. Carlos now days is busy serving the lovely people of San Andreas!
  5. HBD to me UwU

  6. @LocMax Please make PURGE event for XMAS please please please!

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    2. Michael Summers

      Michael Summers

      If we are discussing of what for the best for our christmas events, this will do and will promote our server as well, some other players might invite their friends over for purge system. 

    3. Silenthill


      Perhaps I think it was only done once long time ago in Val? So it would be dope to have it! Imagine everyone doing their regular thing then suddenly siren goes off and purge gets announced! It will give everyone chills to bone! On the other hand purge indeed happened irl in USA long time ago! So it would be really dope to have that experience! Perhaps Valrise would be first to make that event on SA-MP

    4. xan


      fake iranian

  7. Silenthill


    VIN:6040 I want 40 Loyalty points.
  8. After some time of service, Eddie decided to take a break and head out of the state for vacation! He is now at Washington beach, Located at Vice City. ((For now further character stories of Eddie will be on Halt due to new character being developed my me! Thanks for all the support))
  9. Joint operation within FBI/SAPD/SASD On multiple armed, dangerous fugitives at Las Venturas! Earlier today, Deputy Eddie Stokes and Police Department of San Andreas, got in a fatal shootout with multiple armed individuals who tried to blow up an ATM located at starfish! After a long chase, suspects locked themselves in an property located at Eastern side of the Las Venturas. How ever by presence of San Andreas Sheriff's department, Police Department, Special Weapons and tactics division of Police Department, and FBI's HRT, situation got under control, and fugitives were announced dead on the scene! PS: Time was 16:13 PM, Deputy Stokes's perspective on the scene.
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