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  1. After some time of service, Eddie decided to take a break and head out of the state for vacation! He is now at Washington beach, Located at Vice City. ((For now further character stories of Eddie will be on Halt due to new character being developed my me! Thanks for all the support))
  2. Joint operation within FBI/SAPD/SASD On multiple armed, dangerous fugitives at Las Venturas! Earlier today, Deputy Eddie Stokes and Police Department of San Andreas, got in a fatal shootout with multiple armed individuals who tried to blow up an ATM located at starfish! After a long chase, suspects locked themselves in an property located at Eastern side of the Las Venturas. How ever by presence of San Andreas Sheriff's department, Police Department, Special Weapons and tactics division of Police Department, and FBI's HRT, situation got under control, and fugitives were announced dead on the scene! PS: Time was 16:13 PM, Deputy Stokes's perspective on the scene.
  3. San Andreas Sheriff's Department deputies serve the state day in day out, in snow rain or under hot sun at summer to provide the citizens with safety and peace! PS: Eddie Stokes on highway patrol, 5:30 in the morning. @SASD
  4. Thank you for your kind comments.
  5. Welcome back fella! Good stuff, keep it up without hesitation
  6. No one is above the LAW! @ChrisS@Mia_Townsend@SASD
  7. Always watching from above like an True Eagle.
  8. Name: Eddie Stokes Comment: PAL is the key word to success!
  9. As deputy Sheriff, it's Eddie's job to make sure qualified and nondanger individuals crossing cities and towns within the state along with his dedicated Partners.
  10. Sunset from eyes of deputy sheriff's Heli patrol!
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