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  1. Name: Anonymous Comment: Stop buying made in China Parts.
  2. Name: Julian Hudson Comment: There is a big meteor crashed at Swat HQ as well.
  3. What is your in-game name? Julian_Hudson Date & time of occurence? 27/2/20201 11:14 Indian Time (GMT+5:30) Elaborate how you lost this/these items Baseball bat (1 ammo), Desert eagle (20 ammo), Shotgun (20 ammo). I relogged due to slow internet as well as restarted it then a guy Named Paul_Johnson Came to me and started shooting then he robbed me if he did that roleplay of saying this is a robbery he should done that after i relogged too instead guy goes full mad mode and started shooting and robbed. Proof [11:12:28] {FFFFFF}SA-MP
  4. This is a bit funny but useful not goona lie.
  5. Name: Andrew Hudson Comment: He can't do that I know him from beginning of my career in this state this filled complaint is false FBI has nothing to do expect filling complaints against innocent people state is in wrong hands.
  6. Name: Anonymousman Comment: worst news channel I have ever seen in my life.
  7. Name: Anonymous 666 Comment: Хорошая ложь, но ты ложь сама, лол
  8. Name: Sean Jhonson Comment: well as I'm a anti fbi man myself Carter's are controlling BT
  9. Name: Anonymous5355 Comment: Made in China technology rocket
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