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  1. Hello @DzEagleee! Other guy offered me 3.8 m Do you wanna bid more?
  2. hello im selling 3khp patriot bp also! pls buy it . << current bid pls bid 50k more than last bid thank.
  3. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, happy birthday. and my number is 23
  4. Your in-game name Fabian Russelo Player(s) being Reported [G6]Lincoln Date of the rulebreak 07/25/2021 Witness(es) N/A What happened? (quote what rule was broken) General Hacks, flying hack's , maprun , aimbot , t Evidence https://imgur.com/a/wI7W3un
  5. Yes am still interested in my application.. I have edit'ed it a little bit more . Sorry for late reply..
  6. Yea so honestly , community aint doing "fine" , lot's of toxic player's screaming in /b when they're knocked . There's like 24/7 DM sit somewhere . Lot's of things could be fixed. I meet few administrator's / moderators / helper's , that cannot speak english propertly at least to communicate with new player's . In Discord almost the same thing
  7. Current offer: 200k
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