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  1. Name : MacPie Comments : He's Evicted from the state, he can no longer sue. (( Screenshot by Lightshot (prnt.sc) ))
  2. 1.5M for turismo MacP1e#9999 incase you wanna deal over email (( discord ))
  3. I suggest we go with late 80's, no personal reason but it feels good to roleplay a bit different than the current era.
  4. My bro côngratz for helper for real you deserve it ❤️ i hope to see you a snr back even better manager this time :)

    1. EnriqueM.


      Tommay! thanks buddy, what's your IG now?

    2. T O M M Y

      T O M M Y

      Arturo Amschel brother 

    3. T O M M Y

      T O M M Y

      Trust me you will become snr again and the days gonna show us ❤️

  5. Dead?

    1. EnriqueM.


      Nope, Just fine. What's up?

    2. Ahmed-Jemaii


       Where are you bro ? We miss you 

    3. Skinny Pete
  6. The Greatest,wru my bro ?

    1. EnriqueM.


      I'm lost bro, they don't need me anymore.


    2. T O M M Y
  7. All property requests are handled by Senior Administrators. Other administrative tasks such as tickets will always take priority over property requests, so avoid bothering staff in-game to set your property and change your interior. ALL requests MUST first be made on the forum so that we have a record of changes. If you request a change in-game and do not have a forum, request it will be denied. If you have made a request on the forum and it has been approved, you may then make a support ticket in-game if there is a Senior Administrator online.
  8. Since you have no other properties, approved it. Contact one of the senior administrator in-game with reference to this thread.
  9. Property created : https://panel-rpg.mudoogaming.com/property/2644 L & A.
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