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  1. All property requests are handled by Senior Administrators. Other administrative tasks such as tickets will always take priority over property requests, so avoid bothering staff in-game to set your property and change your interior. ALL requests MUST first be made on the forum so that we have a record of changes. If you request a change in-game and do not have a forum, request it will be denied. If you have made a request on the forum and it has been approved, you may then make a support ticket in-game if there is a Senior Administrator online.
  2. Since you have no other properties, approved it. Contact one of the senior administrator in-game with reference to this thread.
  3. Property created : https://panel-rpg.mudoogaming.com/property/2644 L & A.
  4. Those weren't the words I would have picked, anyways sorry. Appealing will gain get your account swooped into spammer mode.
  5. Your punishment history doesn't even fit on my screen, you're really fooling yourself and wasting time if you're guessing that we're gonna unban you. Next reply will be your last words, also if you're trying to justify your ban then still you'll be fooling yourself. Any last words?
  6. A player won't wait 17 minutes to roleplay a carjack. Thanks for trying.
  7. How do you roleplay carjacking a person? Person 1: and Person 2: both lines with commands needed.
  8. This input, I won't consider it as an apology. You're still stuck in a phase where you don't see your mistakes but in return, asking us to add/make the rules clearer. It's common sense to know things like, flooding the chat with disgusting trolls and sexual harassments is not roleplay behavior and is automatically not allowed. So, considering all the things that you've said into play. It seems like you still have no idea of what roleplay is or how it is done. I would recommend you to read the rules for multiple times, understand them by putting some efforts in addition to a little common se
  9. Do not talk about rules please and don't make yourself sound more foolish. Are you still trying to justify that you were not breaking any rules? Because there is nothing mentioned in rules that directly points towards what you did? When you clearly did break multiple rules and possessed disgusting behavior, Spamming a sentence for 10 times within a minute, do you call that roleplay? You were clearly flooding the chats of players, trolling OOC'ly using IC chats in a dilemma where you thought Administration cannot do anything because this is In-Character? Making other players feel un
  10. Nope, you got 8 bans already. That's more than enough chances. You should have realized it earlier.
  11. You don't hack because there's a hacker in game, do you? It's a 1 day temp-ban. See you tomorrow.
  12. You were banned for "Deathmatching for a petty reason, disconnecting to avoid being punished, frisking without roleplaying." May i know what would be the reason to posses such behavior?
  13. What's the name you used previously, your old account?
  14. Your thoughts are either inconsistent in way where they convenience you to always win or you're so foolish to think that you know the rules. DM is not killing someone, it counts even if you shoot at someone for nothing. And you talk about knowing rules? How do you justify that?
  15. Cut your bullshit up and come clean, writing a lengthy paragraph of your filthy lies won't get you anywhere. Continue to do the same and you'll never be unbanned.
  16. You will be serving a 7 day punishment. Also will be forced to use CAC after your unban. Review date : 22-07-2020
  17. Do you realize that getting banned for using hacks when your brother used the account or you used doesn't imply any changes or give you immunity over the appeal? It's your mistake to share/trade account, In this case you'll be given extra punishment for trading account besides from the hacks. So would you like to come up clean or you wanna suffer the consequences?
  18. Why don't you make an appeal for that "ages ago" account of yours?
  19. Quite fascinating to see how brothers of everyone magically access accounts, install hacks and use them. Must be legit coincidence. You have anything else to say?
  20. How would you justify these? 13-07-2020 01:51:46 - [Teleport Hack] Nate_River (31) (60233) is possibly using Teleport Hack 13-07-2020 10:02:10 - [Vehicle Bugger Hack] Nate_River (17) (60233) is possibly using Vehicle Bugger Hack 13-07-2020 10:03:16 - [Vehicle Bugger Hack] Nate_River (17) (60233) is possibly using Vehicle Bugger Hack 13-07-2020 22:39:09 - [Troll Hack] Nate_River (20) (60233) is possibly using Troll Hack (Auto Kicked)
  21. Unbanned, take care and do not break the rules knowingly or unknowingly.
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