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  1. Name: Jason Miller Level: 21 Discord tag: Twobbly#1110
  2. JasonM

    Survey Review

    I'd like to add - Players shouldn't have the authority to pause a situation on /B and if a situation is taking place, the handling admin should wait until the situation is over. This way others can have fun and not have their RP paused every single time especially when most of the complaints are invalid.
  3. I really don't understand your logic here. You're saying that if you have a script that allows you to go off/on duty makes the server magically realistic? Just because it exist on other servers it doesn't mean it's better that way. Every server has their own way of running their server, It's better to be unique than just copy other heavy rp servers. Keep in mind that this is not an outdated client, it's FIVEM so there is more "advanced features" than how SAMP was so you might see lots of changes.
  4. can you explain why is that necessary?
  5. That's the point. Players should be able to steal any vehicles even if it is a job vehicle. There is no "job vehicle" in rp servers.
  6. Voice RP is only going to work if you know how to voice act, otherwise it's gonna be extremely awkward and cringy. However, I support voice being limited only for walkie talkie and official government factions. I'm guessing the server won't be having an application to play(which am completely not against), don't be expecting high level of RP but I hope everyone tries their best.
  7. JasonM

    Some new changes

    I disagree, the playerbase isn't that high in the server, disabling the public chat would disallow players to chit chat when they're bored, even if they're fighting, at least it's entertaining to watch and have a laugh xd
  8. JasonM

    Some new changes

    We should start to be respectful towards other players, you're all in this community together. If your feelings are hurt by someone, either ignore it or response with logical and useful manner. Insulting, provoking won't get you anywhere. Great changes, good luck implementing this! Side note: kaclor (samp developer) is planning to update to 0.3.9 i think? so this plays a big part and might heavily increase the playerbase as most players will move to 0.3.9 with the new features added prepare for newbies storm!
  9. I like how people think easy and just say "let us JUST switch to heavy roleplay server" Switching to a heavy roleplay server would require a massive script change in the server and not just heavy RP rules, there are lots of unrealistic stuff in the server, and having freeroam/light rp scripts and heavy rp rules would destroy the gamemode and would look awful. I have tried in the past to improve the server's rolpelay along with 3/4 friends, but I have failed and I decided to move on along with my friends. Players seem to enjoy the deathmatch/poor disgusting roleplay that is happening in mudoo. Stay as a freeroam server, since you guys care about playerbase only. Enjoy the DM in-game people!
  10. Again with the blaming administrators excuse bullshit... for once start using your brain cells (if you have any) and blame yourselves for the lack of RP that the server is experiencing. You wanna roleplay? start doing it nobody is stopping you.
  11. Your In game name: Jason Miller Possibility to attend: High
  12. Your In game name: Jason_Miller Possibility to attend: High
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