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  1. You used aimbot on CAC to circumvent our systems for your own benefits. You are not getting unbanned any time soon.
  2. Works. Contact any snr+ in-game.
  3. Unbanned. Due to the usage of illegal modifications, you are also forced on our anti-cheat. (read more about it here: https://valrisegaming.com/cac) As per the ban consequences, 50% of your wealth has also been deducted.
  4. It was a stupid comment to make and can easily be interpreted as a genuine threat - you cannot blame another player's interpretation of your messages to justify your rulebreak. Your appeal will be reviewed 2 weeks from the ban date, on the 26th April 2021.
  5. That's false. I asked you about it and you ignored my PM - do you deny the usage of any masking tools? (ie. serial changers, etc)
  6. These will be enforced now, try to follow the rules as you won't be given as many chances as you have been given before. Unbanned.
  7. Unbanned. Try to follow the rules this time or you'll easily be back here again.
  8. You are now unbanned. Any remote sign of toxicity or excessive rulebreaking will get you banned again - you know the rules, try to follow them this time.
  9. Lack of interest and no remorse for your actions. Denied.
  10. Not convincing considering the amount of evidence and witnesses we have. Denied.
  11. Give us a reason to unban you considering your attitude towards the server after you were banned.
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