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  1. GOVERNOR ELECTIONSCampaign Events Updates The Visit Dear citizens of San Andreas, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to visit the state today. The people here are hardworking, resilient, and full of hope for a better future. They are a testament to the strength and determination of our great state. I want to let you know that your struggles and successes are not forgotten, and I assure you that as your future Governor, I will work tirelessly to address the issues that matter most to you and your families. I have heard your concerns before and I won't let it go unnoticed. And I can assure you that, if elected, I will make it a priority to address these issues and create a brighter future for all of us. I also want to take this opportunity to address the recent attack on my convoy. I am grateful to be alive and well, but this senseless act of violence will not be tolerated. I am honored to have the support of yours and I hope to earn your vote on election day. Together, we can build a brighter future for our state. Thank you. Governor Candidate K. Hernandez. Route: Los Santos Market, Ganton, out to Red County Palomino Creek, Montgomery, Dillimore, Blueberry, up to Bone County through Fort Carson, Las Payasadas to Tierra Robada El Quabrados down to Bone County again at Las Barrancas, to end up at San Fierro City Hall. Pictures below from the event by my Vice Antonio Torres:
  2. I appreciate the statement condemning the attack on my convoy. For me as a leader, it's important to not just talk about creating a safer and more peaceful environment, but to take action and lead by example as you said. I have been working tirelessly towards that goal and will continue to do so. I agree that terrorism has no place in our community, and those responsible should be held accountable for their actions. I am confident that together, we can create a safer and more peaceful community for all.
  3. GOVERNOR ELECTIONSCampaign Events Updates Statement regarding recent attack I want to thank the FBI for their swift action in investigating the attack on my convoy. This kind of violence has no place in our political discourse, and it's important that the person or group responsible is held accountable for their actions. I want to stress that the safety and well-being of the community is of the utmost importance, and I will continue to work towards creating a safer and more peaceful environment for all, I did the tour to ensure to the people of San Andreas that we can reach each other and communicate no matter what distance in between, together we can work this out. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the community for their support and concern during this difficult time. We are currently cooperating fully with the FBI and any authorities in their investigation, and we will continue to do so until the person or group responsible is brought to justice. Once again, I want to thank the FBI & SAPD & SASD & SAFD for their swift action and their dedication to keeping our community safe. Moreover, I appreciate the other candidate's concern for my well-being. However, I want to mention once again that violence has no place in political discourse. Let's focus on creating a safer and more peaceful community for all. Kind regards, Candidate K. Hernandez Regarding today's event, everything will be posted once its processed.
  4. Dear Footy Carlton, Thank you for taking time to write such professional question. Our plan for increasing that engagement includes holding regular town hall meetings where citizens can voice their concerns and ideas which was stated before that it is in effect by previous governments but I'm planning to develop it to a simple way to reach each other as well as creating a dedicated website for players to stay informed about my plans and progress such as this platform you using right now, and encouraging citizens to participate in the decision-making process through online surveys, polls, and other forms of feedback, any how it is possible using the internet, holding actual live meetings would be another step later. Do not hesitate to ask us any more questions.
  5. Dear Miroslav Vinogradov, We really appreciate your concern and we'll be more than happy to answer you; As for your question. It was as stated in the last speech that this step is in the plans of turning San Andreas to a better place, in other words and to answer your directly, yes that's going to happen. Thank you once again for taking some of your time to write your concerns.
  6. Dear Elliot Alderson, We appreciate that you took some time to read and state your concerns to us. To answer your questions; 1. I am not authorized yet to check the banking and funds of each law enforcement agency to whether decide they need a funding or not since I'm still a Candidate only. However; In case they have enough resources as you may think, we'll ensure they do their job as they need to, each Department has their leadership connected to our communications and will be contacted, monitor their status(which aren't limited to: whether they show presence, bear with regulations, enforce state law and follow it as well...). In case they don't have enough resources, we'll ensure they have it, as well as following what was stated in the last sentence above. 2. Increasing the funds is a way to help the law enforcement to conduct their duties safely and efficiently. Having them to patrol more often around all corners is a start, but I can assure you that the Governor Office would have authority to look into this matter and find solutions for it. As for my information, an entire precinct was established in Los Santos due to high crime rate in that area and other reasons too. If you have any concerns or reports or photos, videos and such, do not hesitate to send it to my email here. Every citizen has the right to rise their voice and speak for their concerns. Everything is noted and will be looked into.
  7. Connecting with the Community With Governor K. Hernandez Welcome to the "Connecting with the Community" platform, brought to you by Governor Candidate K. Hernandez. Our goal is to provide a transparent and accessible way for the citizens of San Andreas to ask questions and receive answers about the plans and vision for the state. We believe in the importance of listening to the citizens and addressing their concerns. Here, you'll find answers to frequently asked questions, as well as the opportunity to submit your own questions and receive a response from the Candidate herself, you may find out about who is Kira Hernandez in the upcoming update. Thank you for your support and we looking forward to connecting with you. FAQ(frequently asked questions); based on the first speech Q: How do you plan to attract new businesses and industries to the state? A: My plan for economic development includes creating a friendly business environment by reducing red tape and bureaucracy, providing tax incentives for new businesses, and investing in the necessary infrastructure to support new businesses and small businesses. Q: What steps are you taking to improve the state's infrastructure? A: My plan for infrastructure includes investing in the repair and maintenance of existing roads and bridges, and creating new transportation options. We will also focus on providing a reliable spots for future buildings. Q: What steps are you taking to improve access to healthcare for citizens? A: My plan for healthcare includes expanding Medicaid, creating new clinics, and providing necessary education & equipment to the fire department to keep its citizens healthy. Q: How do you plan to improve public safety and reduce crime? A: My plan for public safety includes increasing funding for law enforcement, creating new programs to support citizens, and investing in new technology to assist the law enforcement to keep the citizens safe. Q: How do you plan to improve the state's environment? A: My plan for the environment includes investing in renewable energy, creating new parks and green spaces, and promoting eco-friendly practices among the people as well as increasing the education and awareness about environmental issues. Q: How do you plan to support vulnerable populations on the state? A: My plan for social welfare includes providing affordable housing, food assistance and creating programs to help people in need around the entire state, this is as mentioned before for start only. Q: How do you plan to create jobs on the state? A: My plan for creating jobs includes investing in small businesses and startups, creating new industries and encouraging innovation, and that's just for start. Q: How do you plan to increase transparency and citizen engagement? A: My plan for transparency includes holding town halls, creating a website to keep the people of San Andreas informed which already in effect, and encouraging citizens to participate in the decision-making process. Q: How do you plan to communicate your plans and progress to the people of San Andreas? A: My plan for communication includes using social media, newsletters, and a dedicated website to keep the citizens informed and updated on my plans and progress. Format for your questions and concerns: Name: Question/Concern: Contact Information(optional): Additional information (optional): Make sure to follow proper format bellow.
  8. GOVERNOR ELECTIONSCampaign Events Updates Governor Candidate Kira Hernandez's speech was held today at LSCH with the assistance of all agencies. I K. Hernandez would like to thank them for their excellent work and professionalism to keep my and everyone's safety. In the other hand, a summary of the speech is written down below for our dear citizens to check what they missed in case they weren't around. Picture from the event: The speech; I am Kira Hernandez, a Governor Candidate, my fellow citizens. I come before you today not as mere candidate for the position of Governor. Behind me is my Vice. I understand the struggles and challenges that we, as a community, face on daily basis. I have seen firsthand detrimental effects of inflation and rising crime rates in our... neighbourhoods, let alone country side. I want to assure you that, if elected, I will not turn a blind eye to these issues. I will not waste the state's resources on frivolous endeavours. My top priority will always be the welfare of each and everyone of you. Together.. WE WILL WORK to ensure that every citizen never has to worry again about their finances or their safety to achieve this we'll take a multifaceted approach. Improving economy by creating more job opportunities and supporting local SMALL business that faces financial issues. Investing in the development of infrastructure to improve the overall standard of living for our citizens. In addition, I will provide necessary resources for our law enforcement agencies and health center. As a GOVERNOR, I will be a leader who listens, a leader who is accountable. A leader who is dedicated to making our state the best it can be. Together, we can achieve great things for San Andreas and its people. I ask for your support in this election, and I promise to serve you with integrity, transparency, and deep understanding of your needs. Together we can make San Andreas a better place for all of us. Tomorrow: Platform will be created to answer all your questions and will be open for the next few days. Don't miss the opportunity!
  9. Special Operations Mission A militia that appeared on the boundaries of Tierra Robada attempted terrorism on the entire territory. Navy Seals and Space Force were called. Among those brave warriors Navy Ensign K. Hernandez. After several days of fighting through sea, air, and land. Militia retreated and the act was declared safe. People could live in safety once again. Pictures are unavailable. More to be found here;
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