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  1. Bret

    vip giveaway

    @Luis_Jhonson I have 99 please change yours
  2. Bret

    vip giveaway

    3, 99 - Bret Maverick
  3. username: Bret Maverick comment: it is really a very good and awesome movie, enjoyable, keep it up, I would happily like to help you in the future. rating: 10
  4. Panel Profile Link: https://panel-rpg.valrisegaming.com/profile What vehicle from above you want: buffalo bulllet (2 tickets I have) ISSUED
  5. Buying an Infernus.
  6. If we give you another chance, how can we trust you that you won't use that modification again?
  7. im not interested anymore
  8. I'm leaving it for the other admins, but if you lie, you'll be in trouble, because when I went to the smuggle, it disappeared and shows that you have dropped at LSAP, how come...
  9. Please tell me, I was camping at the smuggle, once it spawned, u took it when I didn't see any blip, it just disappeared in front of me, next, you teleported to Carlo, and gave him the case, cuz when I spectated you (after taking the smuggle in 20-10 seconds) I found you near LSAP giving the briefcase to Carlo. EDIT: plus you were kicked (our staff chat says that) for trolling. Care to explain?
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