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  1. This community is awesome, a functional and active community with unique features. Good management team and developers and also good players, I'm really happy that I'm part of this community for a long time and in fact it was a good entertainment for me.
  2. High rate of patience, Good job mate keep it up!
  3. Thank you all for putting much effort into this community and making this an entertainment place for people who are suffering from boredom in COVID-19 pandemic, Your outstanding work will never be forgotten.
  4. Gonna meet y'all there! packs up his stuff and travels to vice city.
  5. Hello dear @patrik. It comes to my attention that you are not really interested to play in Valrise Roleplay server once again or prevent breaking the server rules. You got 48 hours to post a comment here about how you are willing to not break any rule after getting unbanned and what's your motivation to play if you delay on replying in this topic to me.
  6. Hello Crucified_insaNe. Why would we unban you despite your trollish behavior and pathetic attitude? This is an unacceptable form of unban appeal request and I deny it because I don't see any sense of remorse in you and you are not willing to play safe after this since after one month you applied like this. Your unban appeal has been denied @Crucified_insaNe. Kind Regards; Martin Winchester V:RP Administration team
  7. Hello dear @patrik, I'm your ban appeal handler. Patrik You've been punished continuously for returning after death and igniting a shootout over petty reasons. After one month you came back here and posted this ban appeal with no explanations and confession. How you will prevent violating server rules as you said "I'm sorry I'm okay now. readed rules"?
  8. I want a property here for RP purposes such as training with fire arms and etc... doesn't matter whatever is the property type.
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