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The three original members; Marco Spagerolli, Antonio Spagerolli, Vinny Spagerolli all knew each other in real life and had played SA:MP in the previous years.

The name was originally thought of by Antonio whilst playing another well known SA:MP server. The name lay dormant for a while until we decided to join Valrise together and of course we chose the Spagerolli name. After playing the server for a while, meeting some friends, mainly Jesse and Sergio, we joined TCC however that had a messy ending and we parted and went our own ways. However we took Jesse with us. Jesse became the fourth Spagerolli. We started the original Spagerolli group at that time, things were difficult, people didn't want to join. However we still made our presence known. We made noise by breaking up the Global Pact, many others followed our lead and we caused a stir. During this time, we met the fifth Spagerolli, his name at the time was Mustafa, but little did we know at the time he would become a core member known as Pepe. Throughout this time we took many hits in the form of punishments, bans here, bans there. We ended up losing the empire that we had built due to our group HQ being removed meanwhile I was inside RPing at the time. 

Things were rough for a while after this however it was becoming clear that the server needed some change again. We decided that we would return in the form of a Yakuza with some of the friends we'd met along the way. This included many of the Los Minuteros and Gvardia members. These new found members worked perfectly together to build a dream group consisting of dedicated and skilled players. We let no one survive. During this period we owned the turfs wherever possible, won every gunfight and done anything we wanted. However all good things come to an end. Marco created a poll in the Spagerolli discord to decide whether to rename the group back to Spagerolli or not, the vote was clean cut, everyone wanted Spagerolli back. However we didn't stay on top for long after this, many of the core members were getting a little tired of dominating day in and day out so they tried to have a little fun by causing a ruckus with the law enforcement around 4D. This shootout lasted a good 10 to 15 minutes and including famous moments such as LocMax returning after death in a tank and contradicting everything he was saying in the chat. It ended up with all of the core members of Spagerolli getting permanently banned however as it turned out we won the fight, even beating a dead man in a tank. 

That was the end of the story until 3 months later, the members appealed their bans and turned a fresh leaf and joined 'The Jamaican Posse' to cause some more havok.

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